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Relieved | Blogtober Day 18

Day 18 of Blogtober! Let's keep this going! I am so happy. I can finally breathe. As you guys know, my stress level has been on 100 for the past few days. Yesterday was so tough, but I made it through the day! I turned in everything on time and all of my presentations went… Continue reading Relieved | Blogtober Day 18

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It’s BLOGTOBER! |Blogtober Day 1

It's October which means it's BLOGTOBER! For those of you in the blogging world, you know that Blogtober is 31 days filled with blogs! This is my first time doing Blogtober so please, bear with me. I am going to attempt to post a new blog(and maybe a YouTube video or two) for you guys every day… Continue reading It’s BLOGTOBER! |Blogtober Day 1

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Snack Crates! | Blogtober Day 14

It is day 14 of Blogtober! Yay! Although I'm extremely late with the blog for today, we are still going to move forward with Blogtober! Have any of you every had a Snack Crate? For those of you who don't know what a Snack Crate is, it's basically just a box filled with different snack… Continue reading Snack Crates! | Blogtober Day 14

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Overwhelmed. | Blogtober Day 12

It's Blogtober Day 12!!! So...this blog is basically a rant. It's the middle of the semester. Midterms have passed. I'm passing all of my classes. So why am I feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Well, it seems as if all my teachers just had a meeting as said, "hey, let's have all of these assignments for… Continue reading Overwhelmed. | Blogtober Day 12