So, I told you guys that so much has happened within the past year or so that I would have to catch you guys up. Well, this is the beginning.

I guess you could say my life started a downward spiral during the summer of 2014. That’s the summer I became friends with Nicole. When I first became acquainted with her, we were enemies. But, once we settled our differences, we actually ended up being best friends. We literally did everything together. I would spend weekends at her house and she would spend weekends at my house. And, eventually, at the beginning of summer 2015, I ended up moving in with her, her mom, her grandmother, and her two little sisters. And I am not going to lie; I felt like the big sister and friend that no one ever had.

After moving in with Nicole, everything seemed to be fine…or so I thought. At the time, I didn’t know that I was actually hurting myself and not helping myself. But, I didn’t want to leave my best friend and the life of freedom that I had while living with her and her family. So I stayed, which was probably the worse possible thing that I could do for myself at that time. But, back then, I didn’t realize it. Anyway, I went on with my new life, carelessly. My days were filled with working, smoking, and drinking. I seemed to be always high, and sometimes tipsy or drunk on the weekends. Soon enough, all I was doing was smoking and drinking. I ended up not having a job which made me depressed and the more depressed I got, the more I drank and got high. But, it was okay, you know…because I still had Nicole as my best friend and we were both in the same boat.

Later on in the summer, Nicole and I ended up getting jobs which made life a little bit easier…we had more money to do the things we wanted to do. For me, I had more money for weed and alcohol and to keep gas in my car. But even though I was sort of solving my money issues, I was still very depressed. Then one day, a plan was devised to leave. We were all going to leave our lives there, pack up, and move to Georgia. Seemed like a great idea, so that’s what we did. In October 2015, Nicole and I moved to Georgia and in November her mother came along with us. We all landed great jobs and had a very nice apartment. Things seemed to be looking up for all of us. We seemed to be happy, all of us. But deep down inside, I was still depressed. I couldn’t let it show though. I was determined to make myself happy.

I know my story is starting to get juicy but I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it here. Don’t worry though, part II is coming. This is just the beginning of troubles…



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