From Buddy to Babe

While all of the craziness in my life was happening, there was one person who stayed by my side. He was my best friend and I called him Buddy. Well, after being in Mississippi for a week, Buddy and I sealed the deal and decided to take our “best friendship” to the next level. So, on February 10, 2016 we started our relationship. As of today, we have been together for 11 months and this has by far been the best relationship I have ever been in. We build each other up. We push each other to do better. We’re currently working on the spiritual aspect of our relationship so we’ve started praying together every day. Of course we have to do it over the phone because we are in a long distance relationship. We do see each other about once a month but that’s okay for now. We know that one day we’ll be in each others faces 24/7 so we’re looking on the positive side of things.

One thing that I really love about my boyfriend is that he has the utmost respect for his mother and he’s overprotective of his sisters. The reason why that is appealing to me is because I know he will carry over those qualities into our relationship, which he has done and continues to do. I love that I can go to him with different concerns that I have and his answer is, “Don’t worry about it, babe. I’ll handle it.” And since he is definitely a man of his word, he handles it, whatever it is. He never stresses me out and I can trust him 100% with everything. That’s new for me because I honestly have never trusted any other male 100% with everything. But, I feel like I can be comfortable with him and trust him completely because of the strong foundation we built in each other just as friends before we even thought about being in a relationship. He brings out the “happy” in me. He helped me get through the depressing times in my life. He was a great help to me when I was going through my miscarriage. Other than Nicole, he was the only other person that knew about it, and, of course, the guy who was the father of the baby. But he has always been there for me. And I love him dearly. I don’t just love him. I am “in love” with him. There’s a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

And when you’re in love with someone just as much as they are in love with you, oh, what joys will be brought about.






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