My Patience is Wearing Thin

Placeholder ImageBack in September of 2015, I lost my grandmother. She lived in Virginia (where I grew up) and that’s where her funeral was going to be. Well, I was living in Huntsville, Alabama at the time so I had to drive from there to Virginia for the funeral. It was my only option because I didn’t have enough money to fly and one of my brothers and my God brother wanted to go as well. So we all put our money together and decided that we would drive my old 1999 Toyota Camry to Virginia. In my mind, it was a great idea, seeing that my car had made it to Houston, Texas just two months before for my brother’s wedding.

We hit the road two days before the funeral. Well, the funeral was on a Friday and we left at midnight on Wednesday. I wanted to travel overnight so that I could spend most of the day on Thursday with my family whom I hadn’t seen since Christmas 2013. When we got on the road, everything was fine. We had our music and our snacks. We were good. The car was good. I was driving while my brothers were sleeping. When gas started to get low, I decided that was a good time to stop, fill up, stretch our legs, use the bathroom and whatever else we had to do.

My brother thought that it was a good idea for my God brother to drive since I had been driving for over six hours. We only had about five hours left to drive and I felt like I could do it. I wasn’t tired or anything. But, I gave in and let him drive anyway, even though I think he was still very tired. So he started driving and everything was good. We were good. The car was good. I decided that since my God brother had the GPS, he would be good to go without me giving him directions. So I got comfy and took a nap. I woke up to the smell of smoke. The car was filled with smoke and was smoking from the back and from under the hood. My brother was still driving. I told him to pull over so we could check everything out and see what the problem was.

After checking the car, we found out that the car had overheated, the cap popped off of the oil and melted the spark plugs, and the engine was blown. BUMMER. Now what? We were three hours away from our destination but we were now stuck at a gas station. Things were no longer good. I called my dad who had made it to Virginia just a few days before with my mom from Mississippi. He was able to rent a car and come get us. His step dad, who lived about and hour and a half away from where were broken down, was able to bring a trailer to get my car and tow it back to his house. So my car and I were going in two different directions.

Today, of course you all know, I am living in Mississippi with my parents. My car is still at my grandparent’s house in Virginia. I have been working, trying to save money to get my car fixed for so long. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was just a setback for my life in general but specifically for saving for my car. I was not able to save any money for my car until after I was settled here in Mississippi with my parents for a few months. I didn’t exactly start seriously saving my money until August 2016. Now, it is February 2017. I was finally able to land another part-time job, so now I have two jobs. I’m praying that by March or April of this year I’ll have enough money to get my car fixed and get it back. But, honestly, my patience is wearing thin. It’s been about a year and a half now that my car and I have been separated. I know that its going to take more time and patience and money to get it back. I just hope I’ll have to strength to make it through this test. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue to work and save for this. I’m halfway to my goal of $2,000 but my patience is wearing thin…


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