It’s Finally Happening!

Hey guys! I know it’s only been like a week since I last posted BUT…I said I was going to do better with keeping you guys updated so that’s what I’m trying to do! I had originally planned to post on Wednesdays, but I’m so happy about this I just had to put it out there!

I’m officially getting my car back! I’m so excited! Words cannot explain how happy I am right now! My car (the one I posted about a while back) is finally in the shop being fixed! I have worked so hard for this and it’s finally happening! I was able to save up enough money to buy an engine and a radiator to start the process of getting my car repaired. The only downside to this is that I probably still won’t be getting my car until the end of April or sometime in May. Unfortunately, my car is being fixed where it broke down, in Virginia. But, it’s okay! I can deal with that! As long as my baby is fixed!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been trying to get my car fixed since October 2015. But it just seemed like I was always in a position that was a set back instead of a help. Here it is March, almost April, 2017 and my car is finally getting fixed. Yes, it was a learning experience. I have learned that some things really do only come by fasting and prayer…and hard work! Let me tell you, it has not been easy! It’s worth it though! This whole experience just shows me that God answers prayers in three ways. It’s either an immediate yes, no, or wait a while. In my case, it was “wait a while”. And that’s what I did…for  18 months! But while I was waiting, I was also working and saving. And I’m still saving because I have to get to VA to get my car and that trip is not cheap!

Overall, you guys, I’m just truly grateful and thankful for this trying experience. You can’t have a testimony without a test! And I’m proud to say that this is a test that I have passed with flying colors! I prayed a long time ago for patience and this was God’s way of giving me what I asked for. Even though he took away a material thing that I needed, He gave me a life lesson that I will never forget and taught me patience through the whole experience.

I’m finally getting my car back y’all…It’s finally happening!


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