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It’s BLOGTOBER! |Blogtober Day 1

Blogtober18It’s October which means it’s BLOGTOBER! For those of you in the blogging world, you know that Blogtober is 31 days filled with blogs! This is my first time doing Blogtober so please, bear with me. I am going to attempt to post a new blog(and maybe a YouTube video or two) for you guys every day this month. It is most definitely going to be a challenge for me since I am in school full time and working. So, we will see  how this goes! I’m excited to see how all this is going to turn out!

What You Can Look Forward to This Month

  • More Blogger Interviews
  • Video Logs
  • Storytimes
  • Life Updates

And more!

If there are specific topics you all would like me to talk about, email me or find me on some form of social media! I’ll definitely respond! My links to everything will be below!

Be Easy!

-Eccentric Rebel

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