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Growth! | Blogtober Day 24

24 Days of Blogtober down! 7 Days left!


So basically, I would just like to point out the fact that, lately,  I have been growing. Not in height, of course. I’ll probably be 5’2 for the rest of my life! But, mentally and spiritually, I have been growing. I have been disciplining myself when it comes to my money, the food I eat, things I drink, how I spend my time, my relationships with people and God, and so much more. I compared my life now to my life at this time last year and I am in a completely different headspace.

To add to my growth in those aspects, my hair has been growing as well! In April of this year, I decided to cut all of my hair off. If you haven’t read the blog about that, you can read it here. Or, if you would like to watch the video documenting that part of my life, you can do that here. Cutting off my hair has seemed like a start of a new life for me. Since I have been tracking my hair growth, that motivated me to track how much I have been growing spiritually and mentally. I’ve learned that when growing my hair back, I can’t rush the process. I have to take things slowly, one step at a time. That is the same way I have to do things in my life. I can’t rush the process of mental growth. It takes time. It takes work. It takes patience. I also learned, in growing my hair, that the new growth needs to be healthy. Yes, growth is great. But, if the growth isn’t healthy, I’m just going to end up with dead hair just weighing me down. So, when it comes to growth in my life, if its not healthy growth…relationships, how I spend my time, things of that manner…it’s nothing but dead weight.

Basically, if the things that you involve yourself in are not helping you to grow, then you most likely shouldn’t be involved in whatever it is. If that friendship or relationship isn’t helping you be a better person, let it go. If how you’re spending your time isn’t going to better your future, do something different. If you’re partaking in unhealthy foods and drinks all the time, consider a change in your diet. If your spiritual life is nonexistent or not where it needs to be, take some time to get yourself right. Most of the time, we hold ourselves back from our own growth.

It’s time for mental growth you guys. Observe your life. If you’re mentally in the same place you were in a year ago or even six months ago, you should consider making some changes in your life so that you can grow as a person. Sometimes the things that we experience can either help us grow or keep us where we are. But, that is up to you. You can either choose to learn from your experiences or you can just let it be something that “happened” to you. Its your choice. What happens with your life is up to you. Your mental and spiritual growth is completely up to you. Always remember that.

Be Easy.

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