My Favorites! Netflix Edition – Part I| Blogtober Day 26

Ahh, Day 26 of Blogtober!


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now and I finally have the chance! I’ve seen so many people writing about the best things to watch on Netflix. Well, my time has come!


  1. Pretty Little Liars pretty little liars When I first started to really binge watch things on Netflix, this was the first series that I went to. I’ve seen this series about 4 or 5 times maybe. Maybe more, haha.
  2. Life Sentence  life sentence To be 100% honest, the only reason why I clicked on this to begin with is because I saw a familiar face. One of the main characters in Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale, is the main character in Life Sentence. This was such a great series! I can’t wait for more episodes!
  3. Stranger Things  stranger things This series is just great! It keeps you in the edge of your seat. It’s humor and mystery in one!

Since I have other shows that I want to discuss, I’m going to break this blog up into 2 blogs! So stay tuned for Part II next week! I may even throw in some Hulu shows!

Be Easy.

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