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Ready for Winter | Blogtober Day 29

Blogtober Day 29!


I know. I’ve missed a couple of days of blogging and I’m sorry! Honestly though, I needed that two-day break. I went back home to Mississippi and spent time with my family for my dad’s birthday. It was nice having the family back together. Since my brothers and I are adults and have our own lives, it’s not every day that we can be together, especially since we all don’t live in the same state. So spending the weekend with them and my parents along with my niece and my nephew was a very much-needed break for me. But, I’m back! Let’s finish off Blogtober strong!

Over the past couple days when I was not posting blogs, I was reading blogs that other people have posted. I have noticed a lot of people saying how not ready they are for winter. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe there’s something wrong with me. I am very ready for winter! I love the colder months. I love wearing leggings, hoodies, scarves and beanies! I love the hot chocolate and all the baked goods! I love everything that comes with the colder months. I was born during the summer time so you’d think that, naturally, I would like the warmer months. Negative. I love cold weather. I was born and raised in northern Virginia where a normal winter day was below 15 degrees. Being raised in that type of winter weather, I got used to the cold and learned to love it. When I moved here to the south (Alabama), I’m lucky if the weather gets into the 30s during the day. A couple of years ago on Christmas Day in Mississippi, it was 60 degrees. Dreams of having a white Christmas are dead in Mississippi.

It’s almost November. The temperature is dropping slowly. Here in Alabama, we’re barely reaching the 70s which is great! I just wish it would get colder a little bit quicker!

So what about you? Do you like the colder months or the warmer months? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Ready for Winter | Blogtober Day 29

  1. First off I’m from VA so that’s awesome to hear you’re originally from here 🙂

    Second I enjoy a good weekend of snow. And I love the layering and of course Christmas. But I much prefer fall weather. Low 60s. Not bitterly cold so I have to wear 7800345 layers to walk outside to the car.

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  2. I am from Texas where it is hot and humid 95% of the time. I prefer a milder climate. Denver has the best weather! I have loved every season here so far! But I am a southern Texas girl at heart. Great post!

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